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skull-smoking-cigarette-wt-johnsonIn the very beginning of their popularity, people were easily spotted smoking electronic cigarettes inside restaurants and bars where traditional smoking had previously been banned. After a brief double-take, many realize that the smoker isn’t blatantly breaking the law at all, they’re using a nicotine vapor electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes have raised many issues since their invention in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik. Questions about their regulation, health concern, and advertisement are only a few on the ever-growing list of questions about the new trend.

E-cigarettes come in a range of flavors that seem to mimic those of candy, these flavor choices are worrying some that e-cig companies are inadvertently advertising to children with flavors like bubblegum, chocolate, mango, and mint. Some say it could act as a gateway cigarette for children. If they start there, they may become dependent and require higher doses to get their fix, which may lead them to switching to normal cigarettes with higher nicotine output.

On top of this, there is no advertisement regulation on e-cigarettes, the old tropes of the cool cowboy has returned to our television screens to push a similar product. Although some experts say that they are safer than traditional cigarettes, others say that it is too early to determine if there are negative long-term effects similar to those of normal cigarettes.

Product liability is a concerning issue with e-cigarettes, but it is too early in their existence to discover if they pose unknown threats. If you are a victim of an unregulated product, the powers that be have a responsibility to protect you. If you or someone you know is injured from a negligent product, please contact Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP immediately for legal help!

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