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Dallas Work Zone AccidentsTexas’s roads need regular maintenance and repair, just like the vehicles that drive on them. Construction work zones are a common sight, and the obstacles they create in traffic can increase the risk of a crash that causes serious injuries.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), 149 people lost their lives in work zone car accidents in 2014. Over 500 people suffered serious injuries, and an additional 3,000 people suffered moderate injuries. In all, over 19,000 car accidents occurred in Texas roadway work zones in 2014 alone.

The setup, management, and maintenance of a work zone can contribute much to its safety. When work zones are prepared correctly with adequate signs and lighting, drivers can prepare, slow down, and navigate a work site more safely. Drivers can also help protect their own safety when they drive through work zones by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Slow down. Always travel at or below the posted speed limit through a work zone. Make sure you are traveling at a speed that is safe for conditions – even if that speed is much lower than the one posted on the sign.
  • Stay alert. Put away the cell phone, turn down the radio, and pause your conversations with others in the car so that you and your passengers can focus on getting through the work zone safely.
  • Don’t tailgate. Following too closely can easily result in a crash if the person ahead of you needs to hit their brakes suddenly in order to avoid a worker, equipment, or other hazard in the road. Leave more space than you think you need between your car and the one ahead.

Being prepared for an accident will help, but you can’t avoid every problem in the road. If you or a loved one ever gets injured in a work zone crash, a Dallas car accident attorney at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP can help. Contact us at (214) 231-0555.

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