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How to Stay Hydrated After Food PoisoningIf you have ever had food poisoning, you know the hardest part of it is staying hydrated after losing your fluids all day through vomiting or diarrhea. It’s vital to stay hydrated, so you can avoid dehydration. To help you stay hydrated after food poisoning, here are some tips:

  • Sip water or suck on ice chips: You don’t want to drink anything that might upset your sensitive stomach, so the best way to stay hydrated is to constantly sip water. Or even try sucking on ice chips to help take your mind off your food poisoning while staying hydrated.
  • Try electrolyte drinks: If you aren’t in the mood for water, the next best thing are drinks with electrolytes like Gatorade, Powerade or coconut water. Electrolytes help with fatigue, and keep your cells healthy, so these drinks will replace the electrolytes you lose, and keep you hydrated.
  • Indulge in clear sodas: The carbonation in clear sodas like ginger ale or lemon-lime soda can help calm nausea, replace your fluids and soothe your stomach. If you have food poisoning, avoid sodas with caffeine since caffeine can dehydrate and hinder your sleep.
  • Eat some chicken soup: If your stomach is up for it, try sipping some broth to give your body some nutrients while restoring your fluids.

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