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A brain injury can be caused by different events, but they are all results of heavy trauma that is sustained by the head, whose effects range from mild to extremely dangerous. Some of these events include vehicular accidents, occupational accidents, slips and falls, among others. The injuries sustained in these kinds of incidents are known as traumatic brain injuries.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury


A concussion is usually the result of direct blows sustained by the head, as well as a gunshot wound, or from the force of a whiplash or neck injury. Both open and closed head injuries can result in a concussion.

A concussion occurs when the brain sustains so much trauma that the blood vessels end up being stretched, resulting in the cranial nerves being damaged. There may be a loss of consciousness involved, or the person may remain conscious but feels confused or dazed. It could also result in skull fracture, and consequently, bleeding and swelling of the brain. Unfortunately, concussions sometimes do not show up in CAT scans, making it dangerously undetectable. Furthermore, concussions can cause a blood clot in the brain which may be fatal to the individual. Depending on the impact, concussions can take a couple of months to years to fully heal.  cranialscan


A contusion is also caused by a direct impact sustained by the head. It is characterized by the bleeding of the brain, which is highly dangerous and sometimes need surgery to be removed.


This type of injury is characterized by contusions on two opposing sides of the brain, as a result of a violently strong impact that not only injures one side of the brain, but also manages to force the brain to hit the skull on the other side.

Diffuse Axonal

This form of injury comes as a result of a strong force that shakes or rotates the head – which can happen in a vehicular accident. The injury occurs because the unmoving brain lags with the skull’s movement, which may tear the nerve tissues of the brain. This tearing can also disrupt the brain’s regular processes and communication with the rest of the body, which eventually may lead to comatose, widespread brain damage, and even death.

The damage of a diffuse axonal injury may be manifested in the specific area that is controlled by the damaged area.


A penetration injury can be the result of a gunshot, a knife stab, or other sharp objects that go through the skin, hair and bones and through the brain.

Even if the objects are moving at a low speed, they can still cause heavy damage as the penetration can cause the brain to ricochet within the skull. One type of penetration is the through-and-through injury, in which the object enters the skull and goes through the brain, and exits the skull on the other side. Such injuries are highly dangerous and fatal, as it can rupture the brain.

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