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Many defective products cases involve medical devices that malfunction, do not work as intended, or can cause serious or even deadly side effects. Often, the device being scrutinized did not pass through the Food and Drug Administration’s formal approval process, but was permitted to be sold on the grounds that it was “substantially similar” to an approved device that was already on the market.

Experienced defective medical device lawyers frequently talk to clients who were injured by devices like the following:

• Defibrillators and stents – These items are used to treat potentially fatal heart conditions. Defibrillators are small electronic devices that are implanted in the heart itself to help maintain normal heart rhythm. Stents are small tubes inserted into the arteries, including those that surround the heart, to prevent or treat blockages. When a device used to treat a heart condition is defective, the results can be fatal.

• Joint implants – Hips, knees, and shoulders are common joints that require repair or replacement in many people. In some cases, the entire joint is replaced by a synthetic implant. Severe pain, inability to move the joint, and heavy metal toxicity caused by shavings from the joint’s parts have been reported in some cases. Recent cases involving defective hip and knee implants have made national news.

• Contraceptive devices – Intrauterine devices (IUDs) to prevent pregnancy, systems to close the Fallopian tubes to create sterilization, and other contraceptive devices have also been investigated or recalled by the FDA in recent years. These products have been the subject of defective medical product claims due to serious complications including severe pain, erosion of the tissues surrounding the implantation site, and other concerns.

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