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Every day, it is almost impossible to watch the evening news without hearing about a vehicular accident that happened, claiming lives and injuring those who survived. Despite the many reminders, laws and guidelines that have been enacted to help protect motorists and pedestrians, many still choose to ignore these and end up becoming risks in the highways. Thus, as a responsible driver, here are some tips that you can keep in mind to avoid being involved in an accident.

Avoid the overtaking lane

The leftmost lane is usually for the fast and the furious – the overtaking drivers who sometimes break speed limits at the sake of others. By staying on the right side of the road, or in the middle, you have more escape routes in the event that something happens that will require you to switch lanes or pull over. Moreover, it is important to note that highway patrol is more focused on cars driving on the overtaking lane.  4 Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Scan the area ahead of you

Instead of just focusing on the car ahead of you, watch the traffic in front of it as well. This helps you prepare should there be any problems, giving you more time to properly react. Moreover, this decreases the chances of you rear-ending the car in front should it decide to immediately stop because of something you already saw beforehand.

Be careful around blind spots

Your side view mirrors, windshield and rear view mirror would give you a somewhat 360o view of the surroundings – but take note that there is still a lot of blind spot left for you. If you are going to switch lanes, it might be a good idea to get a quick glance on the actual lane you are trying to switch into, just in case your side view mirror doesn’t capture an incoming car. Also, consider if you might be in the blind spot of other drivers – especially for large trucks, and as much as possible, try to keep distance from them.

Drive with your hands on the opposite sides of the wheel

The most advisable position for your hands as you drive is to keep them on 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, instead of the usual, 12 o’clock position for both hands. This maximizes your control over the vehicle if ever you are forced to maneuvering abruptly in an attempt to avoid an accident.

Observe the condition of the cars you are driving with

Chances are, the condition of the car can be an indicator of the driver’s behavior. Is the car clean or dirty? Is the body damaged or not? Negative signs could point to an inattentive driver, and it is best to stay away from them to avoid risking any accident.

Daytime is the right time

Many of us choose to drive at night because there are fewer cars around, but this is a tradeoff for the benefits of driving during the day. At night, many are already fatigued. And this, combined with the decreased field of vision and lighting conditions could be a formula for disaster.

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