By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Texas nursing home abuse happens more often than you would expect. Your loved one might suffer nursing home abuse or neglect because nursing home workers are often under trained, not paid well and overworked. Many elderly patients feel bad complaining or are too scared to share about their abuse. It’s important to catch nursing home abuse or neglect before it’s too late. Here are typical signs of nursing home abuse you can look out for:

  • Nursing home staff members won’t leave you alone with your loved one during your visit, or delay letting you into his or her room
  • Strange bruising or bleeding
  • Open wounds, bed sores, infections, cuts, burns or abrasions
  • Sudden weight change
  • Poor hygiene
  • Hair loss
  • Torn or stained clothing or bedding
  • Listless or unresponsive
  • Unusual behaviors
  • Withdrawing physically or emotionally
  • Disappearance of personal items
  • Surprising financial transactions

Nursing home abuse isn’t just physical, but can also be emotional. Your loved one could be threatened, humiliated, frightened or insulted by nursing home staff. They could also be neglected or isolated against their will. Neglect can even stretch to nursing home staff withholding food or medicine or not taking care of your loved one’s hygiene.

If you think your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, a Dallas nursing home abuse lawyer can help your family member get the justice they are entitled to. Contact Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP today to set-up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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