Compensation for Injuries Caused by a Defective Product

A defective product can cause severe injury or damage to a person or their property due to its labelling, or the manner in which the product was used. When injuries or product damage occur, the manufacturer of the defective product and the other involved parties, such as distribution, sales or marketing, can be held liable. Defective products can range from vehicles to household products that are defectively designed, manufactured or labelled. Under product liability law,> companies or individuals who manufacture or supply defective products to consumers are held liable when their product causes an injury. This means that if a product defect is the cause of the your injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

Defective Vehicles

Defective vehicles can cause car accidents that can result in death or devastating injuries. Such accidents are typically caused by faulty manufacturing by the automobile maker. Examples of defective vehicles issues include faulty airbags, tendency for a vehicle to roll over, door latch issues, roof crushing, or brake and seatbelt failure. In the event the faulty component of the vehicle which causes an accident, the manufacturer and dealer could be held liable for any injury incurred from the accident.

Defective Products Causing Injury

Defective products can cause severe personal injury or even death. The end result of defective products is when the product in question doesn’t work in the manner that it was intended to, and causes injury from not doing so. Also, the product could have been properly designed but an error may have occurred during manufacturing, causing a defect. Product liability can also occur when the instructions provided for use are improperly explained or suggested precautions when using the product are inadequate. The third form of product liability occurs with products that are obviously unsafe but are supplied to the consumer for use anyway. In such cases, even with proper design, manufacture and labelling, the product could still cause injury due to its very nature. In all of these situations, consumers have the right to file product liability lawsuits and are entitled to compensation.

Defective Products Causing Property Damage in Fort Worth

When defective products cause some sort of property damage, consumers can build a case for compensation. A few examples include: home appliances catching or causing fire or ineffective dry-wall. Such occurrences can lead to not only property damage, but also personal injury.

Product Recalls

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is responsible for protecting consumers from the risk of injury or death resulting from use of defective products. Protecting the consumer includes alerting the public of products that have been recalled due to the injury risk they pose to consumers. Products found to cause harm or pose some sort of health or property risk are recalled in the interest of consumer safety.

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