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Detail Of A Residential Gas Pipe Against A Red Brick Wall with a yellow label marked "GAS"

We have blogged several times in recent years about the need to have flammable gas detectors in any home receiving natural gas or propane gas service. Natural gas, due to various reasons, can leak into homes, reach explosive levels, ignite due to something as innocuous as turning on a light, violently explode, and cause devastation.  

The use of flammable gas detectors prevents either natural or propane gas from reaching explosive levels without any warning. A flammable gas detector is specifically designed to loudly alarm well before flammable gas reaches dangerous, explosive levels. Please, folks, go out and purchase a couple of these for your own home and plug them in. They work. They are inexpensive, not noticeable, and available at places like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Wal Mart.  They save lives. 

Plano Home Demolished in Recent Explosion

Just recently a Plano, Texas home exploded and was destroyed due to what was almost certainly excessive levels of natural gas leaking into it. An article concerning this explosion is here.

The gas company, Atmos Energy, could possibly be to blame for this explosion but the investigation remains ongoing. We will let the investigation play out before jumping to any conclusions about what occurred, or who is responsible. 

Negligence by natural gas companies can be a significant factor in these types of home explosions. Their negligence can result in over or excessive pressure in gas lines resulting in valve/equipment failure and leakage.  Or, the gas companies continue to use aged, corroded or faulty distribution lines, connections, or fittings which allow leaks and gas to dangerously escape into the home.  And, sometimes, the gas supply company has sent service personnel out to perform gas-related service, but he or she has done something wrong (e.g. not reconnected a serviced line or fitting) or has not followed procedure and safety protocols (e.g. pressure or leak testing with a manometer or similar device).  This type of negligence can also result in severe hazards via gas escaping, explosions, injuries and even death.

Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP Can Help

We hope no one reading this ever has to experience a gas explosion. They are just awful.  However, if this has happened to you or a loved one and injury or death has occurred, the gas explosion lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP are trained to investigate and evaluate all of these issues and tell you whether you might have a viable lawsuit.

If you think you may have a case, the best thing to do is contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the explosion.  A trained gas-explosion lawyer will know the steps to take to preserve evidence at the scene of the explosion (which is critical) so that a proper investigation can occur.  A trained gas-explosion lawyer will also know the proper experts to hire to conduct an independent investigation (separate from local fire and gas company personnel) and offer an opinion on how and why the explosion occurred. 

Again, timing is critical.  Evidence preservation and scene investigation is very important.  So if you think you may have a claim, do not delay in contacting an attorney, preferably the gas-explosion lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP.  We would like the opportunity to help. 

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