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It is difficult to account for all of the warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect in Texas since it is so pervasive. Physical harm is one of the most obvious with elder abuse, but it is only one example. Nursing home residents could also suffer from sexual, financial, or emotional abuse as well.

If you suspect your loved one has been abused in a Texas nursing home, you should take action. In addition to contacting the appropriate authorities, you should also reach out to a personal injury lawyer. When it comes to priorities, your loved one’s legal rights are second only to their health and welfare. Consider the following warning signs of nursing home abuse.

Unexplained Injuries

Unexplained injuries are one of the most common signs. These injuries could come in many forms and signify varying types of abuse. For example, bruises that suggest they were restrained or struck by a caretaker are clear signs of physical abuse.


Dehydration is another common sign of elder abuse. This condition could be a sign that caretakers are failing to meet your loved one’s needs, either intentionally or out of negligence. Likewise, malnutrition could signal the same thing.

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Many nursing home residents are terrified of their abusers. Often, this prevents them from disclosing what is happening to them. They fear reprisals, while others lack the capacity to report these incidents.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Many nursing residents are cognitively unable to consent to sexual contact. Because of this, any occurrence of a sexually transmitted disease could indicate that this has happened.

Unexplained financial transactions

Many incidents of abuse are financial. While financial abuse might not get the attention that other forms of abuse do, this type of fraud can be devastating to residents and their families.

It is common in nursing homes for two crucial reasons. First, many residents are unable to effectively manage their finances. Second, some residents maintain a right to have a say in this. This is a dangerous combination. This type of abuse could be as simple as a stolen item or as complex as a fraudulently re-written will.

Sudden personality changes

Sometimes nursing home residents who have suffered abuse will develop significant personality changes. Once-outgoing, residents can become withdrawn or depressed. Mild-mannered seniors could suddenly begin to lash out at family and friends. These personality changes can indicate elder abuse. A Dallas nursing home neglect lawyer could advise you on how personality changes could indicate this.

Wandering and elopement

A common sign of neglect involves a nursing home resident who can wander the facility or even leave (elope) from the grounds. This is dangerous, especially for residents without their full mental faculties.

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These are only a small number of potential signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. If you are concerned about the possibility of neglect at your loved one’s nursing facility, it is always better to err on the side of caution. If you are curious about their legal rights, let a Dallas elder abuse lawyer carefully evaluate their situation. Call Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP right away to schedule your free consultation.