Injuries Caused by Negligent Drivers Making Unsafe Lane Changes

Were you involved in a wreck due to an unsafe lane change in Dallas? As drivers, we must totally devote our attention to the road. We can only hope that other drivers on the road will do the same. However, many drivers often do not pay attention to the road and become distracted by a variety of things. Distracted driving can lead drivers to make poor decisions. The poor decisions of other drivers can result in disastrous consequences. Of these poor decisions includes unsafe lane changes.

An unsafe lane change is commonly defined as the act of a driver that moves from their lane into another lane with no signal of any kind that they are going to change lanes. Unsafe lane changing is a dangerous driving habit.

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An accident due to an unsafe lane change can affect your life more than you think. Your injuries could require long-term treatment or therapy. Even after an accident, life goes on and bills continue to arrive. You may not be able to pay those bills because you can’t work due to your injuries. Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP focus on protecting your legal rights while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Causes of Dangerous Lane Changes

Unsafe lane change accidents can be caused by many factors. The most common culprits include speeding, distracted driving, and rushing to get through traffic. Another common unsafe lane change cause is not checking for blind spots before attempting to change lanes. They can also be caused when a driver swerves to avoid an animal or debris in the road.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car wreck in Dallas that included an unsafe lane change by the other driver, you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Unsafe lane change accidents can often become complex. It can be unclear who is at fault of the vehicles were when the wreck occurred. It is imperative to act quickly to preserve evidence.

What To Do After a Texas Car Wreck

If possible, take photos of your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle to document the damage that occurred because of the unsafe lane change. It is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible to check for any injuries. Sometimes, back and neck injuries do not appear right away. Many insurance companies will attempt to reduce the amount of your claim or deny it altogether if you wait to receive medical attention.

An experienced legal team will deal directly with the insurance company and other party to help you get the compensation you deserve. Compensation for your injuries, damage to your car, and lost time from work should be paid by the reckless party. Many times, insurance companies will pressure you to settle fast and for an amount that is not fair. Don’t let this happen to you.

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