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If you are considering a personal injury claim after a car accident, you will likely benefit from the guidance of a Dallas car accident attorney. Pursuing these claims has its challenges. However, skilled representation will ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Moreover, there are many legal rules and deadlines that you must comply with– the failure to do so could bring your injury claim to a premature end.

While there are minor accidents that do not require an attorney, any claim involving bodily injuries is best pursued with the guidance of a professional—especially in the following situations:

When liability is disputed

An attorney is vital is when the defendant disputes liability. It is one thing to negotiate a settlement when the other driver’s insurance company accepts fault. It is much more difficult to resolve a claim when the other driver does not take responsibility. These cases are less likely to settle, meaning that litigation could be a possibility. What’s more, there is a chance that the other driver could also pursue a claim against you for their own damages. Your attorney will advise you of the strength of your claim and any potential liability you might face.

When insurance claims are denied

It is also worth seeking legal counsel in cases where the insurance companies involved in the accident deny your claim. This is true if it is your own provider or the at-fault motorist’s liability company.

Negotiating with an insurance company is challenging. The insurance adjuster is trained to minimize your claim’s value and look for excuses to deny it altogether. Protecting your legal rights and obtaining the best settlement possible is best done with an attorney’s guidance.

Multiple drivers were involved in the accident

When you are injured in a car accident, any legal claim could be challenging to pursue. These challenges can be compounded when multiple parties are involved. The more drivers involved in a crash; the more insurance policies could be involved—therefore negotiating a settlement can be complicated. This is especially true when several parties share the responsibility.

There are policy limit issues

One of the most significant difficulties with some settlement negotiations involves the limits on the other driver’s insurance. While insurance companies are required to protect their drivers from liability, there is a maximum amount they are required to pay out under the policy terms. If your damages are more than the limits on the other driver’s policy, the insurance company is not obligated to pay you everything you are owed.

This can be problematic, as the insurance company will not pay out their policy limits unless you agree to the rest of your claim against their insured driver.

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