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The most common injuries with semi-truck accidents run the gamut from cuts and bruises to debilitating brain injuries. A collision between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles can lead to severe bodily injuries for the smaller vehicle occupants. If you are living with the consequences of one of these accidents, let a personal injury lawyer from our firm guide you through the process.

Traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury is one of the most severe consequences of a truck accident. The most common form is a concussion. It happens when the brain suffers a jolt hard enough to damage the tissue. Most of these injuries occur as the result of a blunt force impact.

Burn injuries

Another serious result of a truck accident is a burn injury. Both commercial trucks and passenger vehicles carry combustible fuel that can ignite in a collision. When these vehicles catch fire, the burns that result can cover most or all of a motorist’s body.

These can lead to a lifetime of medical care. For example, scarring and disfigurement usually take many reconstructive surgeries. Likewise, nerve damage also frequently occurs along with a severe burn and require lifelong pain management.

Broken bones

Broken bones are also common. A truck’s impact can be tremendous as they typically outweigh passenger vehicles by a magnitude of 20. Fractures can occur in the arms, legs, wrist, ribs, or skull following a truck accident.


The loss of a limb is known as amputation. These injuries can occur when the force of a commercial truck accident injures an arm or a leg to the point it cannot be saved. It frequently happens in rollover accidents.

Spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury is also common in these types of accidents. The spinal cord is a series of nerves that connects the brain stem to the rest of the body. It stretches from the brain to the back of the hips. Damage to the spinal cord can result in paralysis.


Paralysis is the loss of motor control or sensation in parts of the body. This condition typically stems from spinal cord injuries. While most paralysis injuries are permanent, it might be possible to recover from this.

Back injures

The back injuries that occur in a truck accident can vary in severity. Back pain is common in these accidents, in both the short-term and long-term. Some of these injuries involve soft-tissue damage that can be difficult to diagnose. Back injuries can also involve damage to the spinal column or the discs between each vertebra.

Wrongful death

The unfortunate reality is that many truck accidents have fatal consequences. When this happens, the surviving family might have the right to pursue legal action against the at-fault truck driver and employer. These cases are known as wrongful death lawsuits.

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