By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Nursing home negligence has been linked to devastating injuries, illnesses and even wrongful death. But victims of Texas nursing home negligence and their families can seek financial compensation for their losses by filing a claim against the at-fault nursing home facility.

There is no quick and easy answer regarding how much a Texas nursing home negligence case is worth.

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There are many factors that will affect the value of a claim, including:

  • the severity of the damages
  • the history of the facility
  • the type of negligence involved

Typically greater physical and financial losses result in larger settlements.

Damages that may be available through a claim against a negligent nursing home include:

  • Medical treatment including first aid, emergency room costs, hospitalization expenses and ambulance costs.
  • Future medical treatment, if the incident resulted in scars, lacerations or psychological injuries.
  • Compensation for damaged property such as clothing, jewelry, glasses and other items.
  • Financial compensation for physical pain and mental suffering.
  • Losses suffered by the family, if the victim was fatally injured, including compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses and lost future income and benefits.

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If you suspect that your loved one has been harmed at a Texas nursing home, it’s important to contact the police and report your concerns. You should also act quickly to have your loved one removed from the nursing home.

Then you should immediately contact the experienced Dallas nursing home abuse lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors. LLP. Our personal injury attorneys will protect your rights and ensure that you or your loved one are compensated for their emotional and physical trauma. Contact us today to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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