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It can be fun to take your dog to a dog park on beautiful summer days, but it can also scary if your dog or others dogs are aggressive and prone to attacking or biting other dogs or owners. Here are four tips on how you can prevent your dog from showing aggression while at the dog park:

  • Show authority: Your dog will be on his best behavior at a dog park as long as he respects you as the “pack leader”. If your dog knows you are in charge, he will obey when you ask him to stop doing any type of behavior that might harm another dog or owner.
  • Make sure he can follow rules: Dogs do great at dog parks if they know that they still have to follow the same rules and boundaries in the park as they do when they are at home. Your dog must understand how to obey boundaries before taking him to a dog park.
  • Let him earn his treats before he gets to the dog park: To help your dog practice good behavior, right before going to the dog park try practicing commands, and give him treats after he obeys you. This will remind him that if he does well at the park, he will get rewarded. 
  • Take him on a quick walk before entering the dog park: One more way to remind your dog that you are in control, and he needs to obey you, is to walk with him assertively on the leash while keeping him close to you before entering the dog park. This helps ensure that before you enter the dog park your dog is in a calm state of mind.

Even after you do all you can to prevent your dog from biting others, some dog owners aren’t as vigilant. If you or a loved one were the victim of a dog bite or dog attack due to a negligent owner, you deserve compensation for your physical and emotional pain. Contact the Law Offices of W.T. Johnson today and set-up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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