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After a traumatic 18-wheeler crash in Dallas a few weeks ago, a Sugar Land lawyer, was told he would probably not walk again.

But recently, he walked out of the hospital to go home.

He was driving on the Dallas North Tollway near the LBJ Freeway to meet a client, until an 18-wheeler carrying 30,000 pounds of cardboard lost control and overturned to land on top of his car.

The truck was speeding and crossed three lanes before pushing a SUV into a concrete barrier and smashing the victim’s car. The semi-truck driver was not injured and will be charged with failure to control speed.

Immediately after the crash, four strangers ran to help the Sugar Land lawyer get out of the car, including a former nurse who helped stabilize his neck until emergency crews arrived on the scene. He was so crushed that doctors assumed he would not regain function of his legs.

During a four-hour surgery, the doctors took one of his ribs and fused it to his neck, which helped put his spine into correct position again. Then he was transferred to Southwestern University Hospital-Dale Lipshy. For two weeks he did four hours of rehabilitation every day until he walked again, much to the astonishment of the doctors and nurses.

He feels such gratitude for the doctors and who he calls the “angels” at the accident scene who helped him. He says that it is a miracle he survived and God must have something in store for him since He protected him.

Out of the 6 million motor vehicle accidents that happen in America each year, more than 500,000 involve 18-wheelers, which lead to 5,000 fatalities on a yearly basis and 164 injuries on a daily basis. If you or your loved one has been harmed because of an 18-wheeler accident, you should contact the Dallas truck accident lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP today to get compensation for your emotional and physical distress.

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