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Many older Texas drivers do not see a point to taking a driver education class. With years of driving experience behind them, they reason, surely I know enough by now to stay safe on the road. Why do I need a class to tell me how to drive?

In fact, every driver can benefit from a refresher course on safe driving – and older drivers may get particular benefits. Experienced Dallas car wreck lawyers, many of whom are age 50 and over, recommend that all drivers consider taking an “update” course like those offered by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

The AARP classes can be taken online or in classrooms throughout Texas. The class is open to any driver aged 50 or older, whether or not the driver is an AARP member. In addition to safe-driving basics like the rules of the road and good practices for defensive driving, the courses offer information specifically useful for older drivers.

For instance, courses aimed at older drivers provide tips on how to recognize the ways in which aging commonly affects the ability to drive safely – such as deterioration in vision and hearing and slower reaction times – and ways to compensate for these changes. Such courses also help drivers understand and master the technological changes in newer vehicles, helping them to drive more safely. For example, the rules for emergency braking in newer cars with anti-lock braking systems are very different from the rules learned in cars that were not equipped with such systems.

Finally, safe-driving courses may come with insurance discounts for older drivers who complete them. Talk to your insurance agent to learn whether a discount is available under your policy.

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