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A construction worker working on a casino project in Atlantic City, New Jersey died after being struck by lightning during a bad thunderstorm.

The workers were pouring concrete during the storm. They were getting worried as the sky grew darker and the wind grew stronger and the flashes of lightning grew closer.

They kept working though because they were told to.

Finally they decided after one more bucket to stop, even if it meant getting fired, because they were worried about their safety. But right before they stopped, the lightning struck a metal crane, and the worker holding the metal bucket of concrete was electrocuted, and two other workers were knocked down.

The widow of the man who was killed and the two injured workers filed lawsuits against the two companies that were involved in the project. The lawsuits state that the companies should have known that the lightning storm was moving into the area and stopped work, yet they kept the workers going until one died.

There were more than 1,000 lightning strikes in the area before the men were hit. The workers feel that the companies were only focused on getting the job done as soon as possible, regardless of the dangerous working conditions.

Construction accidents or workplace accidents are serious and companies should be held responsible for any wrongful deaths, physical pain and emotional distress they cause others through their negligence. Contact W.T. Johnson to learn more about how we can help you in your construction accident case.

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