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If your loved one is in a nursing home in Texas, make sure you check the nursing home’s background. More nursing homes in Texas have been cited for serious violations than in any other state, according to data compiled by ProPublica.

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A recent Dallas Observer article shared that one reason for the high number of serious violations could be how the state doesn’t regulate nursing homes offenders in Texas like other states do.

At a nursing home in East Texas, a resident was choking, but the attempts to clear his airway failed and he died. Government inspectors determined that the nursing home staff was not trained well enough for emergencies. In North Augusta, South Carolina, a resident pulled out her breathing tube and died. Inspectors faulted the home not keeping the resident from harming herself.

The inspectors determined that both homes posed an “immediate jeopardy” to residents’ health and safety. Yet in the Texas case, at the recommendation of Texas state officials, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services imposed a fine against the nursing home of $9,500. In the South Carolina case, S.C. officials suggested CMS require the nursing home to pay a fine of $305,370.

The average fine paid by a S.C. nursing home in the past three years was $40,507, whereas the average fine in Texas was $6,933.

Are you concerned about the nursing home your loved one is in? Check out ProPublica’s Nursing Home Inspect Tool to learn more about the nursing home’s violations.

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