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This week brackets are getting filled out and TVs are turned on to all things March Madness. But even though basketball is a fun sport to watch and play, it can cause many injuries. Here are three common basketball injuries and how to avoid them.

  • Sprained Ankle: This is one of the most common basketball injuries and results in pain and swelling. It occurs when one player steps or lands on the ankle of another player or when a player make a quick change of direction and rolls an ankle. Treatment involves rest, ice, compression and elevation.
  • Knee Injuries: Since basketball is such a stop and go sport, with lots of twists and jumps, it puts a lot of pressure on the knees. That is why knee injuries like a sprain, torn meniscus or a torn ligament are common. If you tear your meniscus or ligament, you will likely have to have surgery and rehab.
  • Tendinitis: Basketball involves a lot of repetitive jumping, running and shooting which can take a toll on the knees, ankles and shoulder and result in tendinitis. Tendinitis is caused by overuse, and results in a painful inflammation of the tendons. The best treatment is to ice the area and take a break from the repetitive activity.

If you love playing basketball, don’t let the risk of injuries stop you, instead do your best to prevent them. Here are the best ways to prevent basketball injuries:

  • Maintain proper fitness: It’s easier to be injured if you aren’t staying in shape.
  • Take at least one season off a year: Many sports medicine specialists say if you want to your sports career to last longer, it’s best to take off one season a year to make sure you don’t over-train.
  • Start an ACL prevention program: If your team doesn’t already have one in place, talk to your coach about getting one to prevent knee injuries that could stop your basketball career forever.

Sometimes sports injuries occur due to the negligence of someone else. If you were the victim of a personal injury, contact  Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP today. We will help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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