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It was supposed to be a feel-good segment on a local TV newscast until the dog bit the news anchorwoman in the face. The piece was about a dog that had been rescued from ice by a heroic firefighter.

The 3-year-old Argentine Mastiff, Gladiator Maximus, attacked the anchorwoman at NBC’s KUSA Denver affiliate during a live, in-studio segment. The anchor was kneeling on the floor, trying to get closer to the dog when the 85-pound creature bit her in the face. The paramedics rushed her to a Denver hospital where she had reconstructive surgery overnight. Gladiator is being quarantined in a Denver animal shelter.

The anchorwoman’s surgery was successful, and she will be back to work in a few weeks. The owner of the dog has been cited by Denver Animal Control for a leash-law violation since the dog was not controlled at all times, for allowing the bite to occur and for not having the dog properly vaccinated.

Some animal experts say she put her face too close to the dog, and he felt threatened so he bit her.

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