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With the winter holidays just a few weeks away, families throughout Dallas, Mesquite and Fort Worth are making plans, buying supplies and preparing to start their holiday cooking. Although working in the kitchen always carries some risk of injury, you can reduce these risks for the ones you love by keeping some basic safety tips in mind.

Here are four ways that experienced Dallas injury lawyers protect themselves when cooking up holiday treats:

Learn Knife Safety

Many cooking stores and some schools offer classes in basic cooking techniques. These classes cover knife safety in a way that helps both new and experienced cooks stay safer while also improving their cooking. Learn the safest ways to hold kitchen knives, use them and clean and care for them.

Create a Safe Cutting Surface

Always use cutting boards to cut foods – never your hand, your lap or any other surface. Cutting boards create a safer surface and also help reduce the risk of contaminants getting into your food. Placing a wet dish towel under a cutting board can prevent it from sliding.

Cook “Back to Front”

Use the back burners on the stove when cooking only one or two items, and turn the handles away from the edges of the stove. Not only will this step help prevent curious children from upsetting a pot, it will also help you avoid accidentally flipping a boiling pot onto yourself or someone else.

Protect Your Hands and Face

Always use oven mitts to handle pots and pans, even if you think the item has cooled. Open the lids of pots and microwaved items away from your face since escaping steam can cause burns.

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