By JohnBrain Injuries

After you are hit on the head, many times you may not realize that you have suffered a brain injury until much later. That’s why it’s vital to be aware of common brain injury symptoms, so you can get medical help as soon as possible. Here are five signs of a mild brain injury:

  • Memory or concentration problems
  • Loss of consciousness for a few seconds to a few minutes or no loss of consciousness, but a state of being dazed or confused
  • Sleep problems, such as sleeping more than usual or having difficulty falling asleep
  • Mood changes, such as feeling depressed or anxious, or having mood swings
  • Sensory issues like blurred vision, ringing in the ears, a bad taste in the mouth or sensitivity to light or sound

If you suffer a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, you can have any of the signs of a mild brain injury, as well as the following symptoms that may appear within the first hours to days after your head injury:

  • Profound confusion and loss of coordination
  • Can’t awaken from sleep
  • Slurred speech
  • Constant headaches or headaches that worsen
  • Convulsions or seizures

Traumatic brain injuries often occur due to the negligence of someone else. If you or a loved one were the victim of a traumatic brain injury, you deserve justice. The Dallas brain injury lawyers of Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP can help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Contact us today to set-up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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