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This is a product recall that is about one-year old.  But it carries a larger message:

The message is that any cabinet or enclosure housing a propane or natural-gas grill, and which does not have proper ventilation, is a real safety concern.  Here is what the Paradise Grills recall says:


Liquid propane (LP) gas can accumulate inside the closed lid and cabinets, causing an explosion when the user relights the grill, posing fire and burn hazards to the user.


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled grills and contact Paradise Grills to receive a new 16”x 4” stainless steel vent to be installed on the First Generation Outdoor Kitchen.

Consumers located in Florida, Texas, Georgia and Alabama should immediately contact Paradise Grills to schedule a date for completion of their free repair.  This includes labor and a new vent.

Consumers located in all other states should immediately contact Paradise Grills to receive free shipment of the vent, installation instructions, and reimbursement for the installation cost by a qualified professional or technician. The firm will require a copy of the installer’s invoice or billing statement (marked “Paid”) for the installation service. Paradise Grills is contacting all known purchasers directly.

We have recently handled a case involving an unventilated, patio brick enclosure housing a higher-end propane grill.  The 20 lb. propane cylinder fueling the grill — as many do – leaked and caused a hazardous buildup of gas inside the unventilated grill cabinet.  A very bad explosion then occurred and badly burned the grill’s user.

It is important to make sure any built-in grill at a home or apartment complex with a natural or propane gas connection is properly ventilated.  The ventilation prevents gas buildup in the event of a leaking propane cylinder or gas line.  Numerous explosion incidents have occurred due to lack of such  ventilation, including during use of Paradise Grills (per the recall, two reported as of February 2023). 

Contact Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP For Help

If you, one of your children, a loved one or friend has been injured or died as a result of a gas explosion due to a leaking propane cylinder or, as discussed here, an unventilated grill cabinet, promptly contact the Dallas product liability lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP.  Our main office is in Dallas, Texas, but we can handle these types of cases throughout Texas and on a nationwide basis.  These are very serious cases.  If a tragedy occurs, you need immediate legal representation to ensure the evidence is preserved, and that the right kind of  engineer expert examines the scene of the incident and the grill or cylinder that is involved.  Do not wait!

In the meantime, survey your own home make certain any gas grill you use there – especially built-in grill — has adequate ventilation around its fuel source.  Grill manufacturer installation instructions should provide information about how to properly ventilate.  Consult those resources.  If you don’t have them, search online for your grill’s installation instructions.  Or, contact the grill’s seller.  But do not take lack of grill ventilation for granted.  It is a serious matter, especially if there is leaking gas.    

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