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How to Drive Safely in the RainThis summer there has been more rain in Texas than recent years. Even though the rain is much needed, it causes many car accidents since many don’t know how to drive safely in the rain. It’s important to refresh yourself on safe driving in inclement weather to avoid getting in a car accident. Here are four tips on how to drive safely in bad weather:

  • Be extra careful driving in the rain after a dry spell: If it hasn’t rained in a while oil and grease will build up on the roadways. Once it rains, the oil will make the road slick until it’s been washed away. Drive extra slow to avoid getting in a car accident on the extra slippery road.
  • Brake sooner and with less force: Through braking earlier, it gives you more braking distance from the car in front of you and lets the car behind you know to slow down. Also, after driving through a pedal, tap your brakes lightly to release water from the rotors.
  • Avoid driving through puddles: It’s best to drive around puddles since you never know how deep the water is, or a pothole could be hiding there that could damage your vehicle. Roads are usually crowned in the middle, so it’s best to drive in the middle of the road, since water will go off to the sides and form puddles.
  • If hydroplaning, don’t brake suddenly: If you have lost control of your car, don’t spin the wheel or brake sharply because it might cause you to spin or skid. Instead, release the gas pedal slowly, and try steer straight until the car regains traction. If you do have to brake, tap your brakes gently.

Even if you are extra cautious in the rain, many other drivers aren’t and cause car accidents. If you or a loved one were the victim of a Texas car accident, you deserve justice. Contact the Texas car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of W.T. Johnson today and set-up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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