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Texas Child SafetyYour kids might drag their feet as they head into a new school year, but each year gives them fresh opportunities to discover new things about themselves and to test their boundaries. You can help them stay safe as they learn and grow by practicing some simple back to school safety tips with your kids. Remind kids that as they demonstrate their ability to protect themselves, they earn freedoms and privileges that will let them have more fun with friends and be independent – so it’s important to stay safe!

Experienced Texas personal injury lawyers and the National Safety Council recommend going over the following back to school safety tips with your children:

  • Walking and Bicycling Safety – Even kids who don’t walk or bike to and from school will often go on walks in the neighborhood, ride bikes with friends, or travel other places on foot or by bike. Go over the safety rules with your kids, including how to safely cross streets at intersections, obeying crossing guards, and always wearing a bike helmet. If kids do walk or bike to school, travel the route with them at least once, looking for common dangers and talking about how to avoid them.
  • School Bus Safety – Throughout Texas, schoolchildren ride buses to and from school and to travel on field trips, sporting events, and other school-related trips. Talk about safety on and off the bus. Remind kids to wait until a bus has come to a complete stop before approaching it, to stay in their seats whenever the bus is moving, and to cross the street in front of a bus only after the driver has signaled that they may cross.

The legal staff at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP wish all children an eventful and fulfilling school year!

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