By JohnCar Accidents

Ride services like Uber and Lyft have become very popular in many Texas cities, especially those without comprehensive public transportation or cab services.  Uber allows passengers to find a driver quickly by logging into Uber’s app and requesting a ride.  The app pings the nearest active driver and sends him or her to pick up the passenger.

Since it began, the ride service has faced many problems, including criticism for its treatment of visibly disabled passengers.  However, a new problem has recently come up in the media:

If an Uber passenger is injured while taking a ride booked through the service, who pays?

Car accidents happen every day in Texas. Thousands of crashes result in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths. Uber drivers are not immune to car accidents – as the service has discovered.

Originally, Uber drivers and passengers were encouraged to file claims with their own vehicle insurance before using Uber’s insurance. But, the policy seems to be changing, especially since insurers in several states have made it clear that they DO NOT cover accidents that happen while the driver is driving for Uber or a similar service. Now, an accident’s costs might be covered either by the driver’s insurance or by Uber’s, or both.

How can you tell which insurer to contact after an accident – especially if you’re trying to recover from a serious injury? An experienced Dallas Uber car accident lawyer can help you ensure that you receive all the coverage that applies to the accident, so you can focus on healing.


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