Any sexual assault leaves the victim traumatized. When the person assaulting you is a medical professional who swore an oath to do no harm, the psychological aftermath can be even worse.  

A sexual assault victim in Dallas needs a skilled sexual assault attorney representing them who combines a compassionate approach with expert legal knowledge, and that is exactly what you get from the experienced lawyers at Crowe, Arnold, & Majors LLP. We understand your pain and fight so that your abuser is held accountable, and you receive justice.  

How a Dallas Medical Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Help 

At Crowe, Arnold, & Majors LLP, we have a long track record of success representing clients facing these difficult situations. We know that this is a sensitive and harrowing situation for you. We will review your case and investigate the circumstances thoroughly. 

When medical professionals sexually assault patients, it is often part of a pattern rather than a one-time event. A Dallas medical sexual assault lawyer explores the alleged abuser’s history.  

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What Constitutes Medical Sexual Abuse? 

A medical professional has the right to touch your body during examinations and treatment, but they do not have the right to violate you. Medical sexual abuse runs the gamut from any unwanted touching to rape by a medical professional.  

Whether the abuser is a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, or anyone working in a hospital or clinical setting, their conduct is reprehensible.  

The signs of sexual abuse involving healthcare providers include: 

  • Touching intimate areas unrelated to your medical condition 
  • Forced touching of the perpetrator’s body  
  • Sexual comments or innuendo 
  • Taking patient photos without consent 
  • Not receiving a dressing gown and being asked to disrobe 

If a medical professional attempts sexual penetration of a patient, a fully cognizant patient should realize that it is wrong. However, there are many situations in which a medical professional may penetrate or attempt to penetrate a patient who is unconscious, drugged, mentally incapacitated, or not in a condition to understand what is happening. 

What Is Sexual Abuse by a Doctor?

People committing sexual abuse are seldom strangers to the victim. Many of these predators are in a position of trust, and in our society, few people occupy such trustworthy positions as that of a doctor.  

Sexual abuse by a doctor is an extreme violation of medical ethics. Such behavior encompasses not only physical sexual abuse but also verbal sexual abuse.  

When it comes to sexual abuse and mental health, the effects of an assault can result in long-term or lifelong consequences. Victims may turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to self-medicate. They may prove unable to sustain intimate relationships.  

Because they were abused by someone they trusted, trusting anyone again becomes difficult or impossible. Careers, marriages, and friendships are shattered. The risk of suicide increases.  

Your Rights If You Were Sexually Assaulted by a Medical Professional in Dallas

Your rights as a sexual assault victim in Dallas include the right to sue the perpetrator and collect damages. You also have the right to use a pseudonym to protect your privacy and omit your name, address, and phone number from court filings.

Medical Assault Lawsuit: The Process and Expectations

Medical sexual assault is a crime. While you should report the assault to the police and to the Texas Medical Board, a medical sexual assault lawsuit seeking damages is not a criminal case.  

The perpetrator may be charged with a crime by prosecutors, or prosecutors may fail to bring charges. A medical sexual assault lawsuit filed in civil court is a separate matter and can go forward whether the suspect is arrested or not.  

However, reporting the crime to the proper authorities may not only prevent someone else from falling victim to this predator but can strengthen your medical assault lawsuit. 

In addition to the perpetrator, a third party may also be named as a defendant in the lawsuit. For instance, a hospital may not have performed its due diligence in hiring a medical professional. Had such due diligence taken place, it may turn out that the perpetrator had a history of such behavior.  

Unfortunately, some hospitals and medical facilities will turn a blind eye to sexually predatory behavior by employees. Medical boards may give offenders a second chance.  

Under Texas law, healthcare workers must report cases of sexual abuse. That extends to reporting suspected sexual abuse by medical professionals. If another healthcare worker knew of the abuse at the hands of another medical professional, they may also be held liable.  

Many sexual assault lawsuits are settled. If we do not receive a reasonable settlement offer from the defendant’s insurance company, we will take the case to trial.

Recoverable Damages

Money cannot reverse the trauma you endured, but it can afford you the opportunity to obtain the care you need as you struggle to recover. Compensation, or damages, in a medical sexual assault case may include: 

  • Medical expenses, short-term or long-term 
  • Lost wages 
  • Lost earning capacity  
  • Emotional distress 
  • Pain and suffering  
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Winning Medical Sexual Assault Lawyer in Dallas

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