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Dallas Truck Crash AttorneyA “large truck” may weigh between 10,000 and 80,000 pounds, making these trucks substantially larger than the average 3,500-pound passenger vehicle. They also require more space to accelerate and to stop, and their large size can make it difficult to see other hazards in the roadway.

Experienced Texas truck accident lawyers and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) encourage drivers to pay special attention to their driving when sharing the road with large trucks. By taking just a few simple safety steps, you can help reduce the risk of a crash.

Here are a few safety tips specifically recommended by TxDOT:

  • Allow plenty of room to pass. Make sure the road ahead is clear before passing a truck. Never cut in front of a large truck – instead, make sure you can see the entire front of the truck in your rearview mirror before you merge back into the lane ahead of the truck.
  • Avoid the truck’s blind spots. The areas directly in front of, directly behind, and to each side of the trailer are large blind spots that can easily hide a passenger vehicle from the trucker’s view. Stay out of these spaces as much as possible. If you must travel through one, accelerate smoothly in order to reduce the time you spend in the blind spot.
  • Never tailgate a large truck. Semi trailers are equipped with “underride guards” in place of bumpers. These guards may give way if your car collides with the trailer at a speed faster than 35 miles per hour, resulting in severe damage to your vehicle and greatly increasing your risk of death. Leave extra space between your car and the truck so you can slow down safely and so you can see more clearly.

If you have any questions about truck accidents, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced Texas accident attorneys at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP. We can be reached at (214) 231-0555.


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