By JohnDog Bites, Wrongful Death

angry-bull-mastiff-hanging-out-window-wt-johnsonEarlier this year, 14 year-old, Jade Lomas-Anderson was visiting a friend in Manchester, England when the unthinkable happened. Two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers attacked, and mauled young Jade to death. A call to authorities reported out of control canines and an unconscious girl. However, when the police arrived it was too late for Jade, she had already expired by the time help arrived. Upon arrival, police shot the four vicious, violent dogs, too late to prevent the wrongful death.

The attack happened months before, but the hearing took place today. Beverly Concannon, the owner of the four dogs, admitted that she provided an unsafe environment for raising dogs. The unfit care she provided resulted in their vicious pack mentality, resulting in the untimely death of a young girl. The judge showed mercy by dropping the proposed charges of manslaughter, Concannon was only charged with animal cruelty. Her charges were reduced in severity due to Concannon being of good character prior to the incident. Her sentencing hearing hasn’t taken place yet, but animal cruelty permits a maximum 6 month prison sentence, a fine, and she could be banned from keeping animals for a year. Jade’s family did not attend the hearing, but due to Jade’s fate, they are heading a campaign against unsuitable animal ownership. They’d like to prevent any other families from going through a similar situation.

Wrongful deaths due to animal cruelty can happen anywhere, abroad or at home. Such sad, untimely situations demand proper compensation. Why should you be held accountable for another’s lack of responsibility? If you or a loved one was wrongfully injured or killed due to a dog attack, please contact W.T. Johnson for immediate legal consultation.

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