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Car accidents are prevalent all over the country, which means that hit and run incidents are also very common. We hear mostly about cars and trucks colliding against each other, but vehicles can also collide with pedestrians and unfortunately, 16% of them end up being hit and run victims.

When someone is hit by a car and the driver gets away, we almost always think that there is no chance for us to sue to the driver and recover damages. Our first instinct is to panic, and we end up not only suffering physical injuries but financial difficulties as well. However, being armed with knowledge is important – so we’ll have an idea of what to do if ever such accident happens to us.

Here are 5 steps you will need to take note of if you become a hit and run victim.

Seek and call for help

It is likely that you will have a legal duty to remain at the scene of the accident if you are a hit and run victim. Do not go after the car, as you may end up causing another accident, or worsen your injuries. This applies as well even if you are not seriously injured.

Call 911 and report the incident. Tell them your location as well as if you suffered any injuries, as paramedics may be needed to attend to your injuries.

Identify the driver who hit you

If possible, identify the brand, make and model of the car. Tell them about the color and any distinct marks you have seen. If you were able to take note of the license plate, then write it down for future reference. If you also recall the driver, be descriptive as possible to ensure that the responsible party is identified. The dispatcher taking your call may not ask this question, but the responding officer will.

Look for witnesses

If someone was at the scene when you were hit and helped you out, ask for their contact details as well. They may be able to provide more information about the driver and the car that hit you. Be sure to do this before they leave the scene. This is very useful for the insurance company and the responding officer, as their account/s will be used to determine who was liable for the incident.

Contact your insurance company

Depending on your insurance plan, it is likely that your injuries and the damages of your car will be covered by your insurance company. Document the damage that you and your vehicle sustained, and ensure that your police report has the complete information.

Seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer

This will be needed if your insurance company is not cooperative, as a personal injury attorney is well versed in state laws that will help you recover for the damages, and even more.

Hit and run incidents are unfortunately, still happening in the country. But it is possible to recover compensation for the damages you have sustained. The Dallas car accident attorneys at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP are experienced and competent in handling these kinds of cases. If you are planning to file a lawsuit against the driver who hit you, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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