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In today’s world, many parents work long hours outside of the home, forcing them to rely on childcare professionals and daycare centers for the care of their young children when they are at work. Parents expect childcare professionals and daycare centers to provide a safe and caring environment for their children. That their children are free from hazardous equipment and materials that could cause accidents, resulting in injuries.

Unfortunately, this does not turn out to be the case; many parents have had to experience their child being gravely injured due to the negligence of daycare centers and childcare professionals. A toddler is not able to tell his/her parent about injuries or abuse that befalls him/her at a daycare center or at the hands of a childcare professional. Parents may know of the injuries from changes in behavior or signs of physical injury associated with the abuse.

Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP are of the opinion that parents should entrust the safety of their children to a qualified child care professional. When an unfortunate accident or injury occurs, our Dallas child injury lawyers will be there to help parents get full compensation for damages incurred as a result of an accident or injury befalling their children.

Examples of Negligence at Daycare Facilities

There are many factors that can contribute to accidents or injuries at daycare centers. Often, accidents at childcare facilities are caused by:

  • Lack of proper child supervision.
  • Incompetent child care staff
  • Few child care staff to child ratio.
  • Staff lacking first aid skills
  • Playground accidents
  • Hazardous or unsafe facilities
  • Injuries from defective or toxic toys
  • Injuries caused by other children

These are some of the factors that contribute to accidents or injuries at childcare centers. These injuries can be grave, even resulting in death. We will thoroughly investigate the incident that led to the injury that befell your child, to get the evidence needed to prove the act of negligence so you can be compensated.

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At Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP, no case is too big or too small for our attorneys to pursue. Our lawyers represent each and every client with the utmost respect, compassion, and employ the thorough legal expertise needed to make their care a success. We understand child negligence cases are a difficult situation for parents and their families. We are here for you, to help you go through this difficult situation and emerge on successful. At Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP, our compassionate personal injury attorneys understand that daycare center or childcare professional accidents can be traumatic for both parents and the child involved. Our lawyers will work hard to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve for your child’s mistreatment or injuries.

We handle all cases on a contingency basis. You will only pay a fee if we are successful in obtaining your compensation for the injury or mistreatment incurred by your child at the daycare center or at the hands of a childcare professional.

If your child has been injured due to the negligence of another person, which can be at the hands of a childcare professional or in the care of a daycare center, don’t hesitate to contact a child injury lawyer from Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP today. Together, we will seek a financial compensation figure that meets your injured child’s needs and you also as a victim.

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