By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

State investigators recently completed their investigation into alleged nursing home abuse at an Arlington, TX nursing home we discussed in a previous blog post. The investigation resulted in one nurse being arrested for assault of an elderly person and four employees being suspended indefinitely.

The four employees who were suspended included the center’s administrator who had been informed previously of the unexplained bruises on the elderly woman, two certified nursing aides and another staff member whose position the state won’t reveal because of privacy rules.

Mynez Carter’s family put a hidden camera in her room because they found unexplained bruises and noticed her acting fearful, moving away from anyone who tried to embrace her. The video showed harmful treatment such as a nurse aide yanking Mynez’s hair to put a pillow under her neck and another pinching her leg.

Mynez’s daughter, Ruth Carter, doesn’t think the suspension is a severe enough action. She stated that if someone is caught abusing nursing home residents they shouldn’t be allowed to work in a nursing home ever again.

The investigation also resulted in the nursing home being cited for neglect. The state added, “The facility failed to ensure residents are free from abuse.” The state said the nursing home has since fulfilled the guidelines of its correction plan which included re-educating its staff on abuse and the proper treatment of residents.

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