Side-Impact Car Collision

Have you been involved in a side-impact accident in Fort Worth, Texas? Side-impact crashes are more often also called t-bone accidents and they can occur in many different situations. It is difficult to determine who is at fault in a side-impact accident, it all depends on what was happening right before the accident.  If the accident occurs If the wreck happened at an intersection, for instance, one factor would be who had the green light.

Passenger Injuries

A side-impact accidents can be very dangerous because nothing but a door protects the passenger from the other vehicle that is impacting them. One out of four car crashes are side-impact related and they are one of the the most deadly types of accident for child passengers. Though, this type of accident can be serious for any type of passenger.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a side-impact accident, it is important that you understand the rights that you have. Injuries sustained during a this type of accident can be painful and limit your everyday abilities. These accidents may even result in death.

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If you are looking for legal counsel for a vehicle accident case, it is best to contact an experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney. These attorneys know how to approach a side-impact case and know exactly what tactics your insurance company might use to try to deny your claim. In order to build up the best possible case, it is best to record everything that happened in any way that you can. Take down vehicle information, insurance information, take photos of the scene, etc. All of this information, along with your medical and police record will be viewed by the attorney in order to build up a suitable case. This information also may be presented at trial or used as evidence.