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Every year, hundreds of parents throughout Texas watch as their child takes a car on the road alone for the first time. Experienced Dallas car wreck attorneys with teens know that drivers age 16 to 19 face the highest risk for a vehicle accident. That’s why they recommend to all parents that families learn the risks teen drivers face and take steps to reduce them.

Here are some of the top risks that teen drivers face, along with ways parents can help their kids stay safe:

Inexperienced Drivers

Teens are at their highest risk of an accident in the first year they have their driver’s license. To help your teen get needed experience behind the wheel, make sure your child gets 30 to 50 hours of supervised driving practice in the first six months. Practice at different times of day, in varying weather conditions and on different driving surfaces. Remind teens that cars aren’t the only things to watch out for: pedestrians, bicyclists and other road hazards can cause a crash as well.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is becoming a hazard for all drivers, but it can be especially tough for teens, who have grown up with cell phones and other technology. Make strict rules about reducing distractions like cell phones and teen passengers, and set consequences – like losing driving privileges – if a teen violates them.

Seat Belt Use

Enforcing seat belt use is one of the easiest ways to help teens prevent a crash, but it only works if you buckle up. Add “always wear a seat belt” to the “ground rules” for allowing your teen to drive, and set a good example by buckling up every time you get in a vehicle, too.

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