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Recently, a wave of child seat manufacturers have announced recalls of their popular child seats due to defects that render the seats dangerous for young children. For instance, BMW recalled 622,000 X3 and X4 SUVs manufactured between 2011 and 2017 due to a defect in the anchor used to secure the child seat to the back seat of the SUV. According to BMW, some child seats have thick, inflexible connectors that damage the BMW anchor. While a parent may believe their child is safely secured, the seat may become detached from the anchor, which may then result in disastrous injuries to the child. To remedy the issue, BMW has offered to reinforce the anchor even if it has not yet been damaged.

In another recall, the company Baby Trend manufactures the Trendz Fastback child seat, which is a standard 3-in-1 seat with a harness buckle. According to the company, the buckle itself is defective because it becomes stuck in the locked position, rendering the child trapped in the seat. This creates an especially dangerous situation when the parent needs to quickly and safely remove the child from the seat during an emergency. Baby Trend plans to replace the buckles.

The company Britax makes a variety of different child seats, such as the B-Safe 35. Numerous models have been recalled due to cracks that began forming in the handles of the carry grip. The cracks have been leading to the handle breaking off and the parent thereby dropping the child seat while carrying it. Britax is shipping a handle replacement kit to parents.

The company Cosco, which manufactures the Touriva convertible child seat, has recalled its seats after it discovered that the elastic straps may become loose and can be pulled on by the child. The child may wrap these straps around their body, such as their throat, resulting in injury and suffocation. Cosco is providing a repair kit.

What to Do in the Event of a Child Seat Defect

Unfortunately, many parents are unaware that a defect exists until it’s too late. While child seat manufacturers must report recalls to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they often times to do not individually notify all previous purchasers of the seat, leaving many parents in the dark. If you wish to look up your specific child seat to see if it has any open recalls, you may do so through NHTSA’s website.

While ordering a free replacement kit seems like an easy and fast solution, sadly for many families, these defects result in serious and permanent injuries to the child. If an injury does result from a child seat defect, you can seek compensation from the manufacturer under products liability theory. In Texas, parents have the burden of proof in establishing that the seat’s design was defective or that the seat became defective during the manufacturing process.

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