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If you are like me, summer means backyard grilling season! 

There are all sorts of grills, but the ones I want to focus on are propane gas grills whose fuel source is a 20 lb. propane cylinder, sometimes called an “OPD cylinder.”  These are the propane cylinders typically exchanged or purchased at grocery stores, gas stations, and home-improvement stores.  They are made available in different kinds of storefront cabinets.  These tanks connect to your gas grill by what is called a “Type 1” connector.  The connection involves screwing the grill’s black plastic Type 1 connector on to the propane tank’s service valve. Once the connector is fully screwed to hand tight, there should be a leak-proof seal.  That is, the tank will provide propane gas fuel to the grill without any flammable leakage of gas.  

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However, many propane tanks are placed into the market with a defective valve seal (called a “face seal”) inside their service valve. A defective face seal can cause the tank to leak flammable gas, even if the user thinks he has properly hand-tightened the connector to the tank.  LPS Gas Magazine posted an article that provides some excellent information about propane-tank face seals and the need to inspect them to prevent leaks.

If a leak of flammable gas occurs, a gas explosion can also result, especially if there is lack of venting close to the tank and around the grill. Defective face seals in propane tanks cause more grill explosions and horrific burns than you might imagine.   

Therefore, if you, a loved one or a friend has been involved in and injured (burned) by a propane grill explosion, be sure to preserve the tank in its undisturbed condition.  It needs to be inspected. If it is ultimately determined the explosion was caused by a defective face seal, then a lawsuit against the tank distributor is very possible and should be considered.  It is a breach of legal duty (negligence) for a propane-tank distributor to not inspect their tanks for defective face seals before they are filled and sent to retail locations. 

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If you, one of your children, a loved one or friend has been injured or died as a result of a gas explosion due to a leaking propane cylinder, promptly contact the Dallas product liability lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP.  Our main office is in Dallas, Texas, but we can handle these types of cases throughout Texas and on a nationwide basis. These are very serious cases.  If a tragedy occurs, you need immediate legal representation to ensure the evidence is preserved, and that the right kind of  engineer expert examines the scene of the incident and the grill or cylinder that is involved.  Do not wait!

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