By JohnBrain Injuries

For those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, it can be difficult for doctors to track their patients’ neuromuscular performance. Many times they have to use subjective data like monitoring their patients hand-eye coordination. But according to a recent press release, now a new tablet app called NeuroAssess created by Harvard researchers may be able to quantitatively measure neuromuscular performance for the first time.

During a clinical study, 150 users used a stylus to track a moving target around a circle on the tablet app. The researchers tracked how often the users deviated from the path, and then analyzed based on age, sex and handedness. From this, a number that showed the differences in performance between people or conditions was produced.

The current methods used to assess neuromuscular function include subjective descriptions of a patient’s reflexes and cognitive status. But through the tracing tool, doctors can now record how well a person can adapt to changes, and how long the patient pauses during the task.

The researchers next goal is to determine NeuroAssess’ potential to become a quantitative assessment tool for groups of people with neuromuscular pathologies, such as those who suffered brain injuries like concussions. The team is currently conducting a study with athletes in the Boston area to determine the sensitivity of the technology in diagnosing concussions.

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