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It is not easy to choose the right Texas nursing home for a loved one. You are choosing not only the building that will shelter your loved one, but also the nursing home workers who will treat your loved one with dignity and provide quality care. Nursing home workers are tasked with providing adequate care and attention to all residents, but sexual and physical abuse does occur in nursing homes.

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Sexual abuse in nursing homes is a tragic and under-reported reality in America. There are, however, steps that facilities can take to protect nursing home residents from being victimized.

  • Background checks: All Texas nursing home facilities must perform background checks on their job applicants. Individuals who have a criminal record involving sex offenses should not be allowed to work in a nursing home facility.
  • Hire enough staff: Texas nursing homes can also prevent instances of sexual abuse by keeping staff levels up. When there are sufficient workers, they can monitor each other. Supervisors should always know where their workers are and what they are doing. When there are not enough workers, it is easier for dangerous care providers to fall under the radar.
  • Report any concerns: Family members should report any and all concerns they have about the nursing home facilities to the authorities. When there are signs of abuse, such as undocumented injuries, law enforcement officers should be contacted immediately. Filing a report can prevent future incidents.

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