By JohnWrongful Death

One person was hospitalized after a recent police chase in Fort Worth ended in an intersection crash. The police chased the speeding car through residential neighborhoods until the car flew through a red light, past a group of pedestrians and finally hit a tree in someone’s yard before the driver was ejected from the vehicle. Police are still not sure why the suspect refused to stop.

Intersections are where many of Texas’ most devastating car accidents occur. It is all too common for motorists to carelessly run through stop signs or red lights. There are many questions that must be asked following a Texas intersection accident to determine who was at fault:

  • Was one of the drivers speeding or under the influence of alcohol?
  • Was the stop sign or traffic light obscured by foliage?
  • Was one of the motorists using a cell phone, navigation system or other distracting device?
  • Was the at-fault driver fatigued or actually asleep at the wheel?

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