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hand-holding-chopsticks-wt-johnsonEarlier this month, Chobani yogurt pulled yogurt off the shelves due to an undesirable culture dwelling within, causing numerous illnesses. This case is not as extreme, but continuing the trend this week is P.F. Chang’s. The mistake is found in a product distributed by their at-home, frozen line of meals. Their frozen pork and leek dumplings may create a health hazard to unknowing consumers. P.F. Chang’s is pulling the pre-made meal out of grocery freezers, due to it containing shellfish. It’s a risk because the shellfish contents are not advertised on the packaging, which puts people with shellfish allergies at risk. The packages containing traces of shellfish can be identified by their “use by” dates. The aforementioned dates are MAY082014 and MAY092014. There haven’t been any reported cases of severe or fatal reactions, however the issue was discovered by a consumer complaint.

It is advised to let anyone with a shellfish allergy to check their freezer for the contaminated product, as an allergic reaction has the potential to be fatal. Around 7 million or 2.3% of Americans suffer from shellfish allergies. Shellfish are often prepared with the same equipment or on the same surfaces as other foods, the contact causes cross contamination. It is speculated that shared preparation materials are the cause of P.F. Chang’s situation. Shellfish allergies have been known to develop later in life, and very few grow out of it.

If you or someone you know has fallen ill or hospitalized due to unreported risks in a food product, they may be at liberty to receive compensation for their suffering. If a company’s mistake made you pay the price, the professionals at W.T. Johnson can and will help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us immediately if you are a victim of product liability.

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