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In October 2014, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen unit recalled 13,500 bottles of the blood thinner Xarelto over concerns that bacterial contamination had infected the affected bottles. Although the recall is underway, other concerns – linked to the drug’s actual blood-thinning effects rather than to a momentary contamination problem – remain.

Xarelto is a blood thinner used to reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes in patients. However, several patients have sought the help of experienced Texas Xarelto recall attorneys after cases of uncontrollable bleeding resulted in severe injury or death.

Xarelto belongs to a group of drugs known as “Factor Xa” medications. It works by blocking some of the proteins that cause blood to clot. When Xarelto was released, it was touted as superior to previous blood thinners like Coumadin (warfarin), because it required fewer dietary changes and less patient monitoring.

Although the medication has shown promise as an alternative to certain other types of blood thinners, it also has no known antidote. This means that if bleeding begins, it can be difficult or impossible to stop. Patients who take Xarelto may also be at a higher risk of having a bleeding episode begin. For instance, stomach or brain bleeding may be more common among Xarelto patients and cause greater damage if it does happen.

Studies seeking an antidote to uncontrolled bleeding in Xarelto patients are underway. But for those who have been injured by the medication already, these studies may come too late to prevent serious harm. Instead, it may be necessary for families to seek compensation through other channels.

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