By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

An elderly Alzheimer patient was allegedly physically and verbally abused at a Fort Bend nursing home. His daughter is suing the nursing home and claims that he needed surgery after the attack.

The lawsuit was filed by the daughter on behalf of her father against the nursing home and the nurse who allegedly abused him. The daughter stated in the lawsuit that the nurse verbally abused and had a fist-fight with her 89-year-old father. It cited negligence and gross negligence. She is seeking actual and punitive damages.

The brief states that the elderly man received a black eye and a cut to his right eyebrow. But the nurse stated that he received it from hitting his head against a hospital bed.

Two weeks after the supposed attack, the alleged victim became unresponsive, so an ambulance rushed him to the hospital, and the doctors determined he had been hit on the head with a blunt object. He had surgery for a subdural hematoma.

Nursing home negligence or abuse is sadly all-to-common, but many times it goes unnoticed or undefended.  There are almost 6 million instances of elder abuse each year, but often these cases aren’t reported. Texas is one of the five states that account for over one-third of all elder abuse cases in America.

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