By JohnCar Accidents

An accident that seriously injured an avid cyclist from Oak Cliff has pushed the need for bike lanes to the front of the Dallas community’s radar.

The accident happened on the Jefferson Boulevard Bridge, which is marked for upgrades. But the improvement discussions were put on hold last month after the City of Dallas learned it would need $16 million to re-stripe the 840 miles of pavement for bike lanes.

If the bike lanes and markings had been in place on the bridge, the 32-year-old victim might not have been seriously injured. The victim was hospitalized after a car slammed into him when riding his bike  on the Jefferson Boulevard viaduct south of downtown Dallas.

The victim was on his daily 40-mile ride when the accident sent him into a windshield, breaking his neck in three places.

Community leaders presented a $25,000 check to the City of Dallas to pay for 2.5 miles of bike lanes along Fort Worth Ave., west of downtown. The city stated the lanes will be marked by July. More fundraising efforts will continue to help add bike lanes to the bridge where the victim was hit.

About 85 million American adults ride a bike at least occasionally. In 2009, 630 bicyclists were killed and 51,000 injured during accidents.

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