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A: If your Dallas personal injury case involves the potential liability of a government entity or employee in Texas – for instance, you sustained a slip and fall injury due to a hazard on state-owned property – you cannot simply file a lawsuit against the government. Instead, you must file a formal claim with the appropriate governmental unit within six months of the underlying incident. The claim should include a description of the resulting damages, the time and place of the incident, and a summary account of what happened.

A claim against the government can be even more of a complex undertaking than a regular civil case. To ensure that you don’t make any missteps and jeopardize your claim, get help from the knowledgeable Texas injury lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP. We will guide you throughout the whole process and inform you of your best options at every turn. And if we’re not able to recover you any compensation in the end, you won’t owe us a cent. For more information on our firm and the services we provide, call our office at (214) 231-0555 or (214) 231-0555, or submit an online contact form.