By JohnCommercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are some of the most troubling roadway hazards–and according to a recently released report, they may be only getting more dangerous. Thousands of buses and trucks were taken off the road in 2010 due to faulty brakes, tire problems, and broken lights.

In 2010, about 16% of car crash fatalities involved a commercial vehicle. Additionally, this year, the Texas Department of Public Safety pulled one in five inspected 18-whelelers off the road because they didn’t meet safety standards. In total, 66,189 vehicles were deemed unsafe, along with 12,000 drivers who were removed from the roads for other violations. Logging hours incorrectly is one of the most common safety issues with commercial truckers.

The combination of overworked drivers and unsafe vehicles has resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries in Texas alone. If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle wreck, contact W. T. Johnson today.

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