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Recent supply chain problems have highlighted our reliance on commercial trucks to deliver the products we want and need. As the supply chain opens up and the number of commercial trucks on Texas highways increases, it will inevitably correlate with more accidents.

The Dallas truck accident lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP represent drivers and passengers who have suffered serious injuries. We understand the common causes of these accidents and use our knowledge and experience to help our clients. If this has happened to you, you could recover compensation from negligent trucking companies and equipment manufacturers.

Some common causes of truck accidents in Texas

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration identified the top causes of truck accidents as:

  1. Brake problems
  2. Use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs that affect a driver’s alertness
  3. Drunk driving truck accidents
  4. Speeding
  5. Unfamiliarity with roadways and shipping routes
  6. Roadway problems, including broken or uneven pavement
  7. Inability to stop at crosswalks and intersections before crashing
  8. Driver fatigue

In addition, Texas road conditions can also change dramatically, and out-of-state drivers might not be as familiar with the weather and other environmental conditions that can affect driving.

Understanding the causes of a truck accident is critical to proving liability for damages

When you are seeking to recover damages, your best course of action is to retain the Dallas truck accident lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP. We have extensive knowledge and experience with the causes of truck accidents and use that expertise to demonstrate the negligent party’s liability in your case. 

Under Texas law, the damages that an injured party might recover will be reduced if that party is partially responsible. However, your lawyer’s knowledge of the causes of semi-truck accidents will reduce or eliminate your proportionate responsibility and give you greater assurance that you will recover full compensation for your losses and injuries.

Truck accident liability can extend beyond the driver and the trucking company

Knowledgeable Dallas truck accident lawyers will look beyond the driver and trucking company to determine which parties are liable in semi accidents. The cause may point to multiple parties, each of which might bear some responsibility and liability for an injured party’s damages, including:

  1. The shipping or warehousing company that did not load a truck properly
  2. Third-party mechanics that failed to install or maintain proper safety equipment in a truck
  3. Tire and equipment manufacturers whose faulty equipment created conditions that led to a truck accident
  4. Logistics companies that pushed drivers to operate their vehicles for more hours than allowed by applicable laws and regulations.

All of these parties may owe a duty of care to other motorists on the road. Your personal injury attorney will use their knowledge to show a party’s failure to fulfill that duty of care and to demonstrate how that failure caused your losses and injuries. Under Texas negligence and injury law, that connection is the basis of your damages claim.

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