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little-girl-eating-ice-cream-wt-johnsonAngelcare Monitors Inc. of Quebec is voluntarily recalling 600,000 baby monitors for a strangulation hazard. Ironically the device that boasts child protection and safety has been the cause of death for two baby girls over the last 10 years. The baby monitoring sensors have a pad that is set under the mattress that senses when the child moves or shifts. From this pad extends a cord that attaches to a safety communicator device that alerts parents of movement. The cord can be pulled by the child, played with, and can eventually pose a strangulation hazard if the child rolls around.

13-month-old baby girl died in San Diego in November of 2011 and an 8-month-old girl died in Salem, Oregon in August of 2004. There seems to be a long delay between cases, and response in the form of a recall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission Director of Communications said that there are times that a lot of research needs to be done before a common thread of cause can be pinpointed. The time frame is so long due to research and information gathering. The recall only affects the United States where consumers are urged to return the item. If you’re in Canada or another part of the world and own the defective product, Angelcare will make rigid cord covers available, so that the cord is inaccessible by the child.

Defective products are a serious risk, especially for our little ones. A child should never be unjustly put in harms way. If you or someone you know is negatively affected by a recalled product, please contact the professionals at Crowe, Arnold & Majors, LLP for legal counsel.

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