Single Vehicle Car Collision

Have you been seriously injured in a single vehicle accident in the Fort Worth, Texas area? In these accidents, much like the name states, only a single vehicle is involved. These accidents are more common than you think and they can happen for many reasons. Some examples include, slick roads that cause you to lose control of your vehicle, swerving out of the way of an animal on the street, or a tire blow out. All are very serious and can cause an accident. All car accidents are scary, whether there be more than one vehicle or not.

Insurance Issues after a Crash in Fort Worth

If you are in a single vehicle accident, it is important that you know what legal rights that you have. Your insurance company may try to raise your rates after any type of accident, including a single vehicle accident. Determining fault in a single vehicle case can be difficult, especially if there is a flying object involved. If you are 51% at fault for the accident, your insurance company will consider you to be at fault. This is true even if you didn’t have any other options in the situation. The natural reaction for most is to swerve in order to avoid hitting an animal, but most insurance companies will say that you are at fault for damaging your vehicle.

While we hope we never are involved in an accident, things happen. If you are involved in a single vehicle accident, you may need to contact an experienced Fort Worth car accident lawyer. With this attorney’s help you may be able to get the compensation that you deserve or keep your rates from being raised for something that is not your fault.

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Single vehicle accidents need to be taken as seriously as any other type of accident. Injuries can occur that alter your life or your car can become totaled. You may also require costly rehabilitation or car repairs and the payments for each may start to pile up. Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP have had great success in receiving the compensation that our clients so rightfully deserve and is dedicated to doing the same for you.

Our attorneys are experienced and know what tactics are used by insurance companies when trying to deny claims. We will use our knowledge and skill to fight aggressively in order to make sure that each client’s case is fairly settled and that they receive the compensation that they need.

We also work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you may not need a large retainer to get the legal counsel you need and deserve. We will not make you pay a dime unless we win your case!