By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

As a certified nurse aide was helping an Abilene nursing home resident on the toilet, the resident bit her arm. The aide yelled, but the resident didn’t let up on her bite. The nurse decided to get her to stop by biting the resident’s forehead, according to court documents.

The resident was assessed, and it was confirmed that she had a bite mark on her forehead with two open skin wounds. The aide said she didn’t bite on purpose. She fainted from the pain of being bitten and that her teeth must have hit the resident’s head as she tried to stand up.

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The judge in the case recommended that the nurse aide’s name be listed on the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Registry of people who are not permitted to work at nursing homes in the future.

The judge did understand that the nurse was trying to defend herself from the patient biting her, but stated that biting back is never a protective reaction.

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